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Complaint: I have been trying to modify my mortgage with Indymac since Feb. 2010. I had an unexpected wage garnishment placed against me in December 2009. I contacted Indymac to ask the to please modify my existing loan. Indymac had previously sent me a quickie modification package that would cause me to have an outrageous $200,00.00 balloon payment near the end of my loan. I took it to reduce my monthly mortgage amount and I did good in paying for 6 months until the wage garnishment hit. Indymac had me complete the HAMP application in March 2010. I am still waiting. My documents have been lost repeadly. I kept recieving letters from Indymac stating my paycheck stubs were ilegible, so I faxed them an example from my Human Resources Dept on “How To”” read a Los Angeles County paycheck stub in April 2010 which had a make believe employee name of “”Samatha Saver”” as the example employee on the explanation. Indymac then added “”Samatha Saver”” as a contributor to my mortgage and asked for this make believe persons’s paycheck stubs and income information until September 2010 until I contacted their Office of the President to complain about their errors. Next they demanded my divorce decree and I have never even been married. Indymac has denied my modification and they state my home will be in foreclosure by Feb 2011. They only let me apply for the HAMP which they took almost 1 year to figure I did not qualify. The told me the only way to keep my home is to do a full reinstatement by Feb 2011 of $25

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Address: 000.00. I am so upset and I need my home. I have two young children and I am a single mother. I have a stable goverment job and I think they could have worked with me.”


Phone: , California United States of America

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