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I had filed bankruptcy in december 2009, which was closed in June of 2010. During the Bankruptcy process it was difficut for me to make my payments via mail due to my pay schedule. I get paid on the 15th and the 30th. Being that Indymac takes away web and telephone payments during this process was a huge downfall to me. Once my case was closed and Indymac was discharged from my bankruptcy, I figured that I could be granted access to the internet so that I can make my monthly payments more conveiently. I called to find this informaiton out and I was told to send in a letter requesting my statements, internet and phone access, which I did that day. Indymac wanted to charged me $20 to pay over the phone at this point, which I could not afford to do every month. I called a couple of days later to verify receipt and of cousrse they said they only received one letter. I explained that I only faxed one letter and they could not even located the letter I faxed. I was beside my self even at this point thinking okay what did they throw away my letter. They are a mortgage company everything should be attached to my loans. I called back every month trying to get my internet access when finally 3 months after my case was closed I was told that the only way to get internet access is to get my loans reaffirmed. Well it took over 6 months for them to even get me and my lawyer these documents. Me and my lawyer called on several occassions only to get a different customer service representative on the line every time who would claim they put in a request only for us not to receive it. Finally in August of 2012 we get the reaffirmations. I signed them and my lawyer sent them back to Indymac’s third party (National Bankruptcy Services) on August 24th and again on September 24th. I called Indymac on September 27th only to find out both loans are unaffirmed. When I asked why the customer service representative could not tell me, she claims she put in a request. She called me back once explaining that she did not get an answer then I never herd from her again. I called back Indymac in late October only to find out my reaffirmation documents were never received. At this point I was livid. I got the customer service representatives name Jeff (CN4) so that I can only deal with him from this point on. Too many hands in the pot is getting me more irritated. I faxed him the reaffirmation docuemnts 3 times along with the cover letters which showed the date of mailing. I called him to verify receipt and he called me back 11/27/12 and said nothing was received. He then started yelling at me that my bankruptcy case is closed there is nothing they can do and that the reason I never go a reaffirmation is because only 1 request was put in. This is so untrue as you can see, earlier in this post I mentioned that my lawyer and I have been calling for over a year to get these reaffirmations. I am beyond pissed at this point and am dealing directly with National Bankruptcy Services, which mind you by the way, Indymac refused to give their contact information to us earlier in the year. My lawyer and I figured it would be best to go directly to the thrid party but they withheld that inforamation from us. I now have the information because it was included on the reaffirmations. They are so much eaiser to deal with. I hope that I get somewhere with them. Indymac is horrible I would never ever ever get a loan from them if they were the last place on earth. To boot, they never offer any assistance any program that is passed they are not part of. I hate indymac with a passion.

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