Ines Lynch – Central Valley, California California


So this POS will befriend any woman that she wants to take a man from. Even while she’s pregnant with her 4th child, well in her 40s! She’ll work her way into your man’s face, well enough until and even after you catch them Fucking in YOUR home. While she lies to her HUSBAND and 4 kids, She’s a despicable mother and obviously a ruthless whore, she will lie to anyone who will listen. She speaks like the cartoon character Jessica rabbit to get men to fall for her helpless victim act. She has never received an education beyond the 6th grade yet has Mastered the act of selling her silicone body! It’s a true art now! She is currently screwing her supervisor for falsified extra work, extra pay, hours and material gifts. Real gem of them all right in lower Westchester County. By the way, she a school bus driver, who has done sexual favors for her rider’s fathers!!! She charged $1000, so Imagine what it could’ve been!

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