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I have been inquiring about a personal loan online due to I am currently in desperate need to pay my attorney and to cover my car payment and rent. So of course i received like 50 calls from companies that received my loan application and for some reason I called 307-215-1896. | I spoke to a Sofia Brownfield who said I had been approved for a loan in the amount of $4150 and that all they needed from me was an installment/good faith payment of $205. I told her I did not have it. She then said the minimum amount they could take was $150. So, like an idiot, I Money Grammed $150 to a Ray Shan in Santa Maria, Ca. I then gave Sofia the tracking number and was placed on hold for 30 minutes while she supposedly completed the transaction. | She then gave me the following number which she said was her banking department 707-509-3223. I called that number next and spoke to supposed bank manager Andrew Griffin. He said that everything was complete and that the department that needed to put the funds in my bank was closed for the day and the $4300 (includes the $$150 i sent them)would be in my bank in the morning. | Well it wasn’t and Andrew proceeded to tell me that they could not process loadn with out another $299 transaction fee to Netbank. I told him to refund my $150 and he said it was given to loan company not his bank and that I would have to take it up with them. | do, I called Sofia Brownfield back and told her I wanted my $150 refunded in full immediately!! She then told me that it was banks responsibility to refund $150. This went on for about 30-45 minutes with me finally just giving up, And now here I am.

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