Instantly Vivid


I ordered what I THOUGHT was a "free" trial sample of both the Vivid Eyes eye pump cream and Eye Repair jar cream, paying shipping only. I received the following unauthorized bills on my credit card: $88.99 on 8/15; $67.40 on 8/16, $44.90 on 9/1, $88.89 on 9/1, $67.40 on 9/2. I called the company 9/7 after receiving a "surprise" Vivid Eyes product from them and bitched at them about it – they claimed I accepted their Terms and Conditions when I signed up for the "free" order, that I should have notified then within 2 weeks per the terms and conditions to cancel my "subscription" , that they could not give me a total refund, that they could not accept the product back, and then after talking to 2 supervisors and a call center assistant (Joslyn) they agreed to give me a 75% refund if I would pay about $78.00. I told them I was approving this payment just to get rid of them, and DO NOT SEND ME ANYMORE products. Apparently some more products are going to be delivered. I just received some e-mails from them about my refund, and I am going to make sure they add up to what they agreed to refund me. I am now looking at reviews of this company, which I should have done prior to contacting them with an order, and I see others missed the Terms and conditions as well – we can’t all be that *****, they must have had a pre-checked box or something in order to put an order through

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