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This business should be shut down!!! | | If I could give negative stars I would. Absolutely and completely incompetent. Hired them do my business taxes and I had to have them completely refiled. | Would have missed the closing of my home had I not taken off work to go stand in line at the IRS to fix the problem that the gentleman noticed in the first 30 seconds of glancing at the return. Also missed a $1200.00 refund….. | When brought to the attention of Gene Grugal he said he was sorry and would give me a full refund. That was in September of 2016 | We are now in Feb of 2017 and they won’t return calls or emails! | Cowardly business practices! | DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH WEAR ONE HAT | OR INTEGRATED BUSINESS SOLUTIONS!!! | Also this was a referral through a BNI chapter. | When I called the president of the chapter they understood my grievances and said they do not wish to be associated with them based on their business practices and that they too thought they should be shut down!! | See Below for the response that has yet to take place despite several attempts to contact! | Obviuosly this mans “word” is no good! | John, | It is certainly important to me that my clients are satisfied, and thus I will certainly address your concerns. | Business Taxes: | I am still attempting to locate the shipping record for your tax returns from April. My office typically sends them via FedEx so the IRS cannot lose them, which is an all to often occurrence. | However, I have not been able to locate that shipping label yet. | So that the filing not be delayed any further, I will get a copy to you that can either be faxed, mailed in, or dropped off at the IRS Service Center. | Personal Taxes: | If you would share the findings of the IRS agent on the personal return regarding the error, that would be appreciated. I cannot understand what errors were made, if I don’t see the work of the agent. | As for making your account right, I can do the following: | I will pay any late fees for the S.Corp filing; typically $100 per month per K-1. | I can also commit to refunding your fees that you paid me for the services that you are dissatisfied with; those fees were $950.00. | I’ve operated with a high level of client satisfaction for the past few years and don’t take lightly my commitments to clients just like yourself. | If these settlements seem agreeable to you, please confirm via email and I will make the appropriate steps to get things to completion quickly.

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