Integration Technology Services, Inc Review


Do not do any work for this guy & company they are the biggest rip-off artist. He comes up with excuses after excuses just not to pay you. He will bother you to death weather phone calls or emails to do the work and join conference calls and thing of that nature. When the job is completed good luck finding this guy. Unless you show up at his front door or place of business he will not pay you. He does not have a payroll department. His payroll department is his wife Rachel Marvilli. Be ware as he is changing is company name from JRN Technologies to Integration Technology He lies about payment “it’s in the mail” months later still no check. Normally it takes 3 days for mail to go from one place to another. This guy is real bad. Please do not mess with this guy if your not looking to be stressed. I do agree with lots of people here complaining about Joseph Marvilli and there should be a LAW CLASS Action Suite against Joseph Marvilli, Rachel Marvilli who is in on it as well and JRN Technologies, Inc AKA (NEW Company Name) Integration Technology Services.

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