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I responded to a ad this company put up on craigslist about inventors and I texted a simple question to them. We had an exchange and i had asked his guy why is it that inventors/investors are paranoid about working with ideas who have no money. It makes sense to me that a pairing would be a prosperous venture but this guys answers were beyond delusional, making all kinds of generalizations about the poor such as they’re not responsible wtih money, etc. I disagreed with him and the messages starting getting weirder and weirder with him claiming that I’m having tantrums but clearly he was. So I messaged him to stop texting me or I would file a report because I’m discovering that this guy, PJ, is a psychopath and before anyone works with this guy I think people should know that. I have attached the screen capture of the ad I responded to on craigslist and the ending convo showing this guy is a psychopath. .

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