Intellerol Cody Wyoming Review


On 11/23/16 I ordered a free trial supply (one month) of Intellectual. Just needed to pay $4.95 for shipping. I received an email confirmation. I also received an email confirmation for a product I did not order. When I called the customer service number that was given, the lady apologized and told me the product had already been shipped for $5.95. She continually tried to get me to buy this product. I ended up screaming at her and told her I didn’t order the product and I was not going to keep it. She then informed me that she would cancel any further automatic replacement orders, but if I didn’t want the product, I would have to pay $9.95 to have it returned to them. I am beyond livid! I should know better. Am I legally responsible for paying shipment costs for a product that I did not order?

Wyoming USA


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