Interclaim Worldwide


I was at my mother’s assisted living apartment when I came back from walking her dog and she was on the phone.I became suspicious when I heard my mother talking about giving her credit card number to this person. I told hernot to do it and hand me the phone. She did and the person claimed to be Lisa Delgado of Interclaim Worldwideand she wanted to refund money my mother lost in a time share fraud at Myrtle Beach a few years ago. If shehad the number she would refund $4000 my mother had lost. I took her namer and number and told her I would callher back on Monday (today). Instead I looked on line and saw it was a scam.After leaving my mother’s, the woman called back and my mother turned her down again.Her name allegedly was Lisa Delgado of Interclaim Worldwide and her number was 980/ 313-3694.

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