interface talent Bridgeport Pennsylvania Review


Inter-face talent is a Scam and a rip off they tell you everything that you want to here and then they start throwing money options at you. we told the lady RACHEL that we did not have the money and she insted on us giving something. she was very pushy and pressuring trying to get some type of money. she asked for us to give a $50.00 deposit and then set up a date in 2 months so we have a goal to come up with the money that i mind you was very expensive. my mom still felt like somthing was not right and she started saying that when we first walked in the place they looked very fake. my mom was very uneasy but she saw how bad i really wanted it so she asked if we could talk in the hallway and once my mom said that she got very parnoied and was like jumping out of her chair insting that the’ll leave so we can talk in the office. right there me and my mom got wiered out to the point where we felt the office was bugged. so we walked back in and asked them if they could tear up the papers and void the transaction of the 50.00 and we left. my mom was smart and called her bank and reliezed that even after she asked her to void the transaction, the 50.00 was still taken out. then we even found out that that the first office that we were in was to set up a project reliaty account. they said thst the 1st month was free and that they needed and credit card so after the 1st month was over they can take the 19.99 out to pay for the following months. they told us that nothing was going to be charged.but later we find out that they took 1 dollar out. even though it is just a dollar we did not authorize it and we feel that they stole from us. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. IF THEY APPROACH YOU DO NOT STOP ALL THEY WANT IS MONEYYY

15 Kennedy blvd East Brunswick, New Jersey USA


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