International House of Design/zara ho,e designs Sugar Land Texas Review


My mom went on October 6,2010 and spoke with sale rep Victor. They agreed on a granite (unknown name) that was for 10.95 /sq. foot and Victor wrote down details on a completely different granite(white kashmire). My mom was un aware of what he was writing down. Total came out to $1640. My mom thought this was including labor. It was considered an estimate on measurements becasue my mom did not have exact measurements at the time, she was suppose to come back to discuss kitchen cabinets becasue Victor told her they provided that service also. my mom was told that the check was needed to hold the product. She gave him the check and tells him “that it is fine if you need it to hold the product but don’t cash it until I let you know its okay. I will call you tomorrow to let you know””. Along with many other things that Victor discussed with my mom about specials she had supposely gotten

according to him

where very deceptive. After the check was given to Victor on the way out my mom asked aboout the white kashimire and told Victor well atleast tell me how much this one was anyway since you never told me. This granite was one that my mom was looking at but was not the one Victor and her agreed on. He answers

oh thats the one I got you and for even a lesser price then 10.95/sq.ft!”” and I even included the sink for free!”” yeah right!NOOOOOOOOT! my mom then said

really?! okay well let me call you tomorrow anyway to let you know if it is okay to cash the check and we will meet again soon to finish talking about the cabinets. THEY CASHED THE CHECK THAT EXACT DAY!I found out the next day. and then we went over there to see what was going on. The owner

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