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Complaint: After completeing my schooling at ITA it is fair to say i am EXTREMELY disappointed. 1. Dr. Doran will try to get as close to you as possible during the “interview”” where she shows you around the school. She will talk up the school and make you feel like YOU are the perfect fit fer her school….she told me i was destine to go to school there…later to find out she said the same to all of my classmates. 2. Dr. Doran literally said she only lets pretty girls attend her school. She has said no indian over 40 is attractive…. she has made fun of how asian people have smaller eyes

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Address: called the bigger girls in our class out for being big… the list goes on and on 3. The teacher for book work is very very slow… beware for long days

Website: the job world..etc. The “”professional”” was her daughter….. who was also extremely rude and distasteful….acted like she was suprior to everyone. 5. ONE OF THE BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENTS: you will be promised a makeup class… everyone in my class left that day extemely discouraged.. we asked questions eagar to learn and the makeup artist was terrible. you will get a certification after learning NOTHING about makeup. my classmates and i even told dr doran we dont feel we deserve to be certified and would like to learn more. Dr. Doran’s answer was she will not hire the same next year…lets see if she keps her word i highly doubt it since she doesnt care about her students makeup ability. 6.before graduating i had only practiced on 1 client. thats right. ONE SINGLE CLIENT!!!! there is no student spa! you practice on the same faces everyday getting no customer service experience. 7. Dr. Doran promises job placement… NO SUCH THING…. youre on your own after graduation GOOD LUCK! (she told one of the students after completing the esthetics program that she should have done medical assisting instead…she went through and told about 6/16 people they shouldnt have done esthetics but MA instead….ummm YOU TOLD US WE HAD TO DO ESTHETICS BEFORE MA) 8. SHE ASKED ALL OF US TO WRITE POSITIVE REVIEWS BEFORE GRADUATING! she said if we leave a negative review with our name on it we will not get a job so pretty much everyone didnt write one because there are very few positive things to say…hints why im writing this review here ahd not google 9. She makes you clean everything in the school…didnt seem bad at first until we are on our hands and knees scrubbing the floor with a clorox wipe. having to redue the beds/sheets to make sure it is placed in the exact centimeter she wants…. she literally MADE US PUT TOGETHER HUGE FACIAL MACHINES!!!! no one signed up for that! 10. she would out my classmates and say very personal things about their lives…learning disabilities

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