Hello,n My name is jack. I live in south Fl and was contacted one day by a person selling an independent travel business called International Travel Network. They told me that it costs $650. n I guess the fact that I got the business for $150 after bardering for an hr says it all. But i didnt want to believe it. i so badly wanted to work for myself and have a residual income i bought it and invested 3,000 into marketing solutions inc. n They told me people were making anywere from 5000 to 25000 dollars a month. depending on how much money and time they invested. They also promised that if i invested even 3000 being a small number to them. that i would make money within 3 weeks. NOTHING EVER CAME OF IT AND THEY STOPED ANSWERING PHONES AND RETURNING CALLS. needless to say they talk a big game and do it well. n…they got themselves another sucker! nif anyone out there is leading the way on taking action against them please inform me. i would love to be involved. nSmp212npalm city, FloridaU.S.A.

478 ELDEN ST SUITE 202 HERNDON, Virginia U.S.A.

800-7957137 ext920

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