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I think these folks should get OUT of the real estate business if that’s what there in… I had called twice on a craigslist listing that they had INTERIOR shots ONLY of a 2 bedroom property that was supposedly for sale and finally got a call back today from an incompetent woman who never disclosed her name. She then informed me that she needed a photo copy of my ID which I had no problem with and THEN wanted me to come to a different ADDRESS to take me to an UNDISCLOSED LOCATION which SHE WOULD NOT REVEAL! ARE YOU KIDDING! I say AGAIN! ARE YOU KIDDING! DO you think I would like to buy a home that I cant view UNTIL I GET THERE! These folks need to get OUT of business and QUIT wasting PEOPLE’s TIME! AND with all of the problems with SCAMS on CRAIGSLIST, what would make them think that I would meet someone in SECRET and lose MY LIFE or my personal belongings to a craigslist LISTING! And then when I called back to get the name of the company to make sure they were NEVER involved in my home purchase SHE informed me that “You (I) should have been listening when she answered the phone,” They are COMICAL and she was NOT business oriented to put it tactfully! I originally filed this review on Yelp to help inform potential customers as to the caliber of these people and then almost a year later a represtative tries to rebut my review on Yelp by saying that I was vulgar on the phone. I was buying a home and had made the mistake to check Craigslist. I was not going to meet someone who wouldn’t give me their name, when I asked her name I wanted to check the legitimacy of the company because maybe I was still going to meet them… This company has the business acumen and behavioral pattern of a comical situation comedy sketch on how not to do business. .

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