Complaint: I stayed away from TURBO TAX for years but decided to give it a second chance. The reason for the first mistake was they attempted to overcharge me. During the first transaction I was able to cancel the credit card payment. So, I gave them a second chance, what a mistake. Now I see where they obtained the name because they are like a quite storm that will rob you click the button to pay. Here is how the crooks operates. Upon filing my income taxes I was asked for what system I waited to use. I chose the lesser one for $39.00. During the entire process the system would ask if I wanted to up grade to another level. Each and every time I pressed the no button. After I finish the information the system asked if I wanted the $39.00 to be held from my tax return or make a credit card payment. The first class crooks has the system rigged that it will not allow you to deduct the tax return. Therefore, I chose to use my credit card. I begin to think so far so good but too good to be true. After I entered my credit card information I received a receipt in the amount of $79.98 that had been deducted from my credit card. Um, goodthing I used a credit card now they will have to fight the bank. I called the 800-446-8848 to discuss the issue and was put on hold for 2.5 hours and no one never responded. TURBO answering service kept getting lower and lower with no response. It only takes a few clicks to complete your taxes but they say call a number wait. Yep, wait, wait wait while I still your money. The system will not allow you to make any changes after your credit card information is entered.

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Website: turbo tax. com

Phone: 8668882402 / 8004468848

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