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Randy Garciaís Investment Counsel Company is probably the worst service provider I have ever worked with. Those people are very selfish and manipulative. They donít care about your personal goals or requirements. No, instead of focusing on what you want, they focus on what they want. This is a common problem with the Investment Counsel Company and for that, they would even compromise your finances. My experience with this wealth management company has been terrible, and I donít recommend their services to anyone. 

I got interested in working with the Investment Counsel Company because their CEO, Randy Garcia, is a prominent figure here in Nevada. He seemed like the right choice because of his experience and credentials. That guy established this firm in 1987, so you can imagine how experienced he would be. On top of that, he has CIMA and AIFA certifications. Clearly, ICC seemed like the most suitable choice for my financial goals. 

However, they were nowhere near the expectations. In fact, my experience has been nothing short of horrible. The advisors at this company donít listen to their clients. They would use jargons and complex terminologies to confuse you and make it seem as if they have your best interests at heart, which is definitely not the case. I have noticed how my advisor at ICC didnít care for my personal financial goals. When we discussed my financial plans, they didnít talk about my requirements at all. No, instead of listening to me and trying to understand why I want, the advisor focused on what they thought I should do only. 

I get it. They are the experts and they know everything. But you should at least listen to your clients and try to align your suggestions with their requirements. However, this simple idea doesnít find a place in ICCís advisors. It is obvious that those people are only concerned about their benefits, their returns, and their goals. 

The advisors at the Investment Counsel Company only care about expanding their portfolio and making more profits. They donít care about what their clients want or require. Itís a common problem in this company and I have noticed it frequently.

My Problem with Investment Counsel Company

The primary issue I have with this company is that it is deceiving everyone. I believe they are scamming people through misleading marketing. They shouldnít lie to their clients by saying that they ďprovide wealth management and financial planning tailored to your specific needs and goalsĒ. Itís a white lie. I donít like liars and I believe the Investment Counsel Company should get a serious penalty for this. 

There are many financial advisors in Las Vegas. ICC isnít the only company here which provides financial planning and wealth management services. I donít get how they are getting away with it for so long. Maybe itís because they have an old and reputed brand in the area. Nearly everyone interested in financial services has heard the name of Randy Garcia. Or maybe, itís because of some other reasons.

In any case, Investment counsel Company should come clean to its clients. It shouldnít mislead them by saying that they cater to their specific needs when they clearly donít. What worries me is that many of their clients donít realize that their financial advisors are manipulating them. I only noticed it recently when I noticed how terribly their staff handled the pandemic and its recession. Some of my friends made better financial moves than these experts. Itís true that the pandemic caught everyone by surprise. But still, there should be some difference between the performance of a decades old wealth management company and a couple of newbies. 

It was disappointing and since then, I have noticed that the advisors at this company had only been duping me. They never recommend the most optimal investments. In fact, they donít even listen to you. They only listen to their bosses and their stakeholders. 

Investment Counsel Company Review: Conclusion

The advisors at the Investment Counsel Company donít listen to you. They donít bother to hear your personal goals and requirements. No, instead of doing all that, they concentrate on selling you specific investments. I donít think anyone should do business with these people. Randy Garcia is running a scam by misleading and deceiving his clients about his services. 

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