Investment Dynamics Review


Beware – Doug Casale may take your money, not honor his contract, produce a reason why not honoring his contract is in your best interest, then he will walk away. He wont pay you back. He wont take your calls. He wont do anything but apparently look for the next potential opportunity notwithstanding any contractual obligation. Warning !!! * Additionally, potential SEC violation of non-registered brokers charging percentages instead of flat fee amounts when it pertains to the success of a capital acquisition or investment. Unfortunatly, we will have to generate a suit to get paid and to further expose this man and his business practice. We gave him an opportunity to resolve or settle with not so much as a single reply. If you get him on the phone and he sees that it is a call for or about money, he may tell you that he is not him but rather is personal secretary. This is how bad it is ! .

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