Iowa steak Company Conneaut Ohio


Complaint: So I was approached by a sales rep and thought “why not give it a try””. I asked for a sample to cook before i purchased anything. he said it was against policy (having been in sales my whole life I could see right through him) however he did agree to sell me 4 sirloins for $25 so I figured what the heck. even bad steak at the store is 6 or 7 dollars a piece. well I cooked them all for dinner with my girlfriend and at different temps. I also thawed them at different intervals so as to try to cover all angles. all I can say is that I would have rather grilled a dead skunk and eaten its carcass then this meat. it was horrible! I remember the salesman telling me that is was steakhouse quality (I dont know of any steakhouse that ever freezes their meat but like I said “”why not give it a try””. I cannot wait until the rep comes back around (cause I told him to check back in a week) so I can let him know that his product is garbage. Anyone who is thinking about buying this stuff. save your money for the local butcher.”

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Address: 1441 29th Street Ste 210 Des Moines, Iowa United States of America



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