ipodbatterydepot Brooklyn New York Review


I initially ordered replacement iPod battery. Once I’d installed battery they shipped, it did not work. They told me I must have made a mistake, and for additional fee (most costly than the battery itself) they’d install it. I regret that I went along with this, and when I received my iPod back, it actually worked for a while, but when I tried to re-charge the battery, it would not re-charge. I contacted the company, and they sent me confusing, inconsistent replies, but finally said I was covered under warranty for the battery, but would have to pay to ship my iPod back to them, and they’d install it for another install fee (I’ve since concluded it seems this is their primary source of income). The warranty on the battery is entirely vitiated by the fact they demand an install fee feach time they put in another not good battery. They protect themselves from customer contact by making customers wait on hold on phone for upwards of an hour before phone system disconnect customer. This business seems to be a scam one!

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