IpodsRule Reading Massachusetts Review


I tried to purchase an Ipod online for a Christmas gift for my youngest daughter. She has significant special needs and it was the only thing she really wanted. I found IpodsRule.net online and ordered one though PayPal because the price was the best I had seen. nI never received any communication from the company. As time grew closer to the Christmas holiday I became concerned about the whereabouts of the item and looked up the website online. nThey posted a letter saying that PayPal and frozen their account with them and claimed that the only way to receive money for items not confirmed shipped was to get it though PayPal, stating that “PayPal”” had the money. nThey closed their website and phone number. PayPal does not have their money. nI had to borrow the money to repurchase the item for my daughter. This almost ruined Christmas. I cannot convey how this makes me feel

suffice to say I have a knot in my stomach that won’t go away. nAs I have clearly learned

please be careful and only purchase products/services from reputable companies online. nGailnReading


IpodsRule.net Internet Canada

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