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Irena Golonka a dishonest landlord, Irena Golonka 4254 N MASON AVE CHICAGO IL 60634-1621, Irena Golonka Tel. 773-817-2469, 773-481-2469, Irena Golonka Fraud, Irena Golonka Rental Fraud Ms. Irena Golonka came to US around 25 years ago. At the present time she works as a house keeper in Highland Park IL but it seems that they do not pay her well enough for her aspirations, so she chose to steal from others…and she is 67 years old…. she owns a home located at 4254 N MASON AVE, CHICAGO IL 60634-1621 which is always rented form basement up to the roof….when her tenants go to work she enters their rooms and she steals their belongings…little by little. When the tenants find out generally they can’t do anything about it because there is no witnesses and in order to file a civil suit usually the receipts and photos are required. When the victimized tenant decides to move out …he or she loses a security deposit also…. We strongly recommend all the tenants victimized by this criminal activity to contact the nearest police station and to make the report, regardless the time of occurrence. Obviously, the victims most likely will never recover their lost time and money but at least they could possibly protect the other tenants from losing their stuff. All the tenants who lost their appliances, clothes, furniture, televisions, laptops, computers, tablets need to know, that what happened is because the other victims failed to complain and gave up too soon to proceed in criminal court. Something has to be done, and the law can’t have loop holes like this. The reality is that she will continue her criminal activity as long as the people let her. Please remember, criminals are feed by tolerance, if nobody does anything, more and more people are going to go down losing rent monies, furniture, cosmetics, computers, clothes etc.. Here is the link to see some additional evidence regarding this story: Below you can find the links of the government agencies which need to be contacted. or to file a complaint with Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, the link is below: you can also file a complaint also with Better Business Bureau:

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