Irene Cadue – Tempe, Arizona Arizona


I have been married to what I thought was the perfect man, for 15 years. We have 4 beautiful and very smart daughters ages 15, 12,10 &8 they thought their parents were the perfect couple and I always used to say to them “look at how your Papi treats me this is how women are suppose to be treated.” (I take that back now)… My husband was always sweet and loving, opened car doors for me, bought me flowers, candy, every birthday and holiday expensive gift, he was always extra, he spoils me. We were happy and marriage goals for some friends. We began having marriage problems I would say shortly after he asked me if we could help his brother out by letting him move in for a few months until he got on his feet… well the that turned into 3 years of misery for me and some days for my kids. My husband is a truck driver and he didn’t ever see all the things his brother put us through. This caused many fights because of the constant stress I was in and his stress of being over the road missing us. we were having a lot of arguments and we are both stubborn and prideful, our communication started to be affected. we were going through a rough patch and we stopped calling each other as often, I was busy with the kids and everyday home life and I guess my husband drifted away from me and found this woman Irene Cadue who had tried to contact him on other occasions because supposedly they knew each other from the time he spent in the army, he said he was just friends with her but she wanted more. They carried a friendship for 4 months talking everyday for long periods of time on the phone about trivia and nonsense he says, I guess she was a talker… in reality she was courting my husband. Irene Cadue was unemployed single mother and saw big dollar signs when she set her eyes on my trucker, (she would pay for everything. I believe this was courting and grooming actions to pull him away from his family and by paying she pretend she wasn’t interested in our families money) until that 5 month when she made her move she took him out to get beers as friends at a bar my husband had quiet a bit to drink and she told him hey why don’t you come stay at my house, I have a spare bedroom but when they got there she started to peruse my husband sexually and he’s a trucker that hadn’t been home for weeks. I don’t excuse his behavior he very well could have said no but he failed to do so. He said he was too drunk, he told me that she would want to do his laundry and even cooked for him once but in return she would always pursue him to have intercourse. My husband told me that she was easy and meant absolutely nothing to him, it was a stupid distraction because he was bored and needed someone to talk to, and I was busy. Irene knew my husband had a family and that he was married. Irene knew about our four daughters and she didn’t care she manage to slither in his life, and he was stupid enough to fall for the trap. Irene Cadue was always paying for outings and wanting to have be intimate with him, to the point of taking him back to the her house where her teen daughter lives with her! The craziest thing is that she actually thought my husband would leave me for her. My husband can’t stop telling me how sorry he is. I asked him with all those flaws and many more that he complained about and are too intimate to put on here, I asked him why would you?… His answer “she was someone I knew from a long time ago and she kept wanting to be with me and I failed you, the love of my life, but if it helps I was never going to leave you because you are so much better than her and she’s just a common tramp.” In my mind she’s a home wrecker, he’s apologized and just wants me and his kids back, I’ve been married to him for 15 years so I know when he’s being sincere and I believe he needs a second chance… that is the reason I am not letting Irene destroy our life, she invited him to watch some of her Indian rituals, my husband said her Indian rituals were weird and nothing he wants to be near, he is remorseful and hates what he did. He says he wasn’t even physically attracted to her and he said he brought his standards to the floor with her, Irene was trying so hard to keep my husband but to her surprise my husband wants his family back because he says she was a terrible mistake, I offered him divorce and told him, over and over I pushed him to go with her if he wanted her I said you are free, and his reply “she’s the kind of women that men don’t marry and that I would NEVER EVER in a million years want to spend my life with and even if you divorced me I would never go back to that.” I feel sorry for her daughter, really having such a horrible mother as a role model that was willing to break apart a family and take my children’s father away… beware she is desperate for a man and is a true home wrecker that will stop at nothing.

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