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This email is regarding the apartment my wife and I currently rent in the Las Flores Community of Rancho Santa Margarita. I have been unfortunate enough to witness and stressfully deal with a careless and un-abiding managerial staff. The Community Manager Brennan Hawkins and his assistant manager Martin Moylan. It has been less than thirty days living in this community and the lack of care couldn’t be more disrespectful. My wife was at home, who at this moment is pregnant with my child due to be born in a matter of weeks whilst three men organized by the assistant manager Martin Moylan approached our door and entered without consent from my wife who was home at the time. They rang the doorbell and knocked, did not announce themselves, did not give us a notice of entry on this date, gave no approximate time of entry for service repair, and proceeded to unlock the door and begin to enter. I am beyond uncomfortable and disappointed that we cannot trust our community staff with abiding by the lease agreements signed and acknowledged by both Staff and renters (Lance and Rachel Leonard). This is not a matter of situational “what if’s”, rather as stated by Law, now broken, an unlawful entry to our home. The assistant manager called my wife a liar and denied any of this while understanding he was not present at this moment. I (Lance Leonard) spoke to Martin Moylan at approximately 11:30 am on today’s date 2/11/2019. He refused my request to speak to his direct manager, and only brought forth their service manager. When asking the service manager Freddy, he admitted to the fact that the service technician in fact unlock and open the door to our apartment without any consent by myself or my wife (Rachel Leonard). This apartment community broke their lease terms and agreement. I have also brought to their attention what appears to be black mold on our canned lighting of our main bathroom. The window seals were not repaired when the service technician Sunday 2/10/2019 was requested and authorized to repair this. The front door service repair for replacement of the weather stripping was not replaced and instead fastened lowered on the door and caulking set into the corners. We currently use packaging tape to keep insects (centipedes, spiders, fleas, snakes). My home was intruded upon by the staff and then denied by the corresponding staff when brought to their attention. It is unsafe to live in this community and we feel threatened by the large male technician who consequently unlawfully entered our domain. Under no circumstance unless authorized or by emergency is a member of the community staff to enter an apartment. If either my wife or myself were not properly clothed, my two dogs were harmed in anyway this has bearing for a lawsuit which is being discussed by my advisors.

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