Ivy Gorgeous from Eros Sacramento CA is a FRAUD Sacramento california


Complaint: I read her reviews on PD which are all written by her faithful and loyal clienetele whom she trades services for in exhchange for glowing reviews. Most of her photos are pictures from nightshift days that if you had google reversed date back to early 2015-2016 a lot can happen between then and now. There’s nothing well educated or well versed about her. Unlike some of the other companions whom you can tell have a pedigree and are well bred Ivy is none of these things. She has a high school education at most. Nothing wrong with that, but stop branding yourself as high end just because you book a 4 star hotel. silly women is takes more than that to be considered high class. Ivy only escort directories to advertise. She’s not the most known nor wanted companion in Norther Califnornia! What a joke. I can name 100 other girls before I even dare to utter Ivy as a top notch companionn. She can’t even be bothered to invest in her business properly by taking professional photos or having her own website like some of the other companions on Eros do. She stands out because she looks hard in the face hence why she blurs or crops her face from photos. I booked her for 60 min incall at the Hyatt and yes I have evidence of our text messages. Ivy is a nice girl who offers a basic girlfriend atmosphere there are some no’s on her list. Not worth the 450 I’ve seen better looking girls who offer her service and better at 200. if I’m going to pay 450 i can think of two better options in the Sacramento area that would actually be worth the money. Ivy you’ve gotten lazy with yourself and your brand. Time to reinvent newer and better looking women are taking over the area. You’re 30 maybe it’s time to retire then again if you had actually went to school you wouldn’t still be stuck in Sacramento. I thought the negative reviews were lies and just an angry troll so I still went ahead and booked. I was dissapointed but I guess not suprised. she could be managed or it could be her boyfriend as I saw a fellow lurking outside her room hard to tell.

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Address: Sacramento, California United States


Phone: 916-905-3847

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