Ivy Mae McGinnis – Cheyenne, Wyoming Wyoming


“Poison” Ivy can’t find her own man even though she has 3 kids with 3 different ones. She likes the trailer park life and at the time of her sleeping with my usband ahe was living in 1 with her sister and her 4 kids, isn’t that against fire code? Anyway, I knew something was up when my phone bill went through the roof and data charges were maxed after 3 days of the monthly renewal. After out right asking if he was seeing someone and him lying, I knew he’d have to be set up. So I “faked” an appointment at my work, left for 45 minutes and came home to the bedroom light being on (it’s never on unless someone is in there) and the bedroom door being blocked by him when I tried to come in. Once he came out, he had the fu**ing audacity to introduce me to the town door knob. Oh yes, this one has quite the reputation, you wait long enough and you’ll get your turn…..karma has done her job though, not long after I busted them and tossed them both out she got breast cancer, that’s what you get for being a skanky ho!

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