J.D.Marvel Products Inc. Mesa AZ Review


I received an order Catalogue from J.D. Marvelnproduct Inc. nI ordered: womens slippers—-5.95n2-Free Coaster set—–0 Dollorsn3-1- wallet——————–3.95n4 2 MKM knee magnets———–12.95n5- 1 MNB back support magnets 7.95n6- 2 Barker combs BCM———-11.00 nThese were ordered approx. two months agonand its now Nov. 29 and still no reportnof when I can expect them. You cannot callnthem because of no Phone.nSomething needs to be done with these peoplenfor this is a scam and they must be scam artists. nPlease help me in some waynHerschel Butterfield email:[email protected] 480-654-1509 Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on J.D. Marvel Products Inc

Dept. 721-109, Box 3270 Champlain, N.Y. U.S.A.

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