JACK IN THE BOX W. Hlwd. California


Complaint: We received coffee in a DEFECTIVE CUP which spilled all over the car and our clothing, shoes, etc. The manager Samuel Morales offered a paltry $25 which I rejected. He suggested I get an estimate from the car wash across the st. It was $140. He refused to pay it. I filed a complaint w/ Corporate Ofc. They HIDE from customers by not providing their contact info (phone, email) on their website. I finally was able to file a complaint & get a report #. Weeks later received a call from Priscilla Burke who offered a paltry $50. I wanted $100. We settled on $75. She promised a check would be mailed the following wk. A MONTH went by & no check. Called her. She claimed I never agreed to the $75. LIE! She refused to allow me to speak w/ her Supervisor or provide his contact info. A few wks. later I receive a call from a man who agrees to mail the $75 check ASAP. That was a month ago. 3 MONTHS LATER I HAVE GOTTEN NOTHING BUT THE RUNAROUND! A DEFECTIVE MERCHANDISE LAWYER NEEDS TO FILE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THEM! They will be seeing us in court!

Tags: Restaurant Delivery Services

Address: 22664 Ventura Blvd Woodland Hills, California USA

Website: jackintheboxinc.com/

Phone: (858)522-4674

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