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FYI, Scam alert for businesses!!! This person goes by “Jack Kuskus” even though the dummy forgot and signed the email “Robert”, there will be a series of emails/text over a period of days that seem legit until it gets fishy (see email below, you’ll understand why we said “hell to the naw’) I guess they search for small businesses, and contact them for whatever service they provide. I wanted to put the word out because when I did a search for this guy, another person warning of the scam had put the info out (he was a carpet cleaner in Melbourne Australia). Beware folks! Jack Kuskus writes: Attached is the pictures of the items i want fixed and I have inform the removalist that you will be in my house for plumbing. They will be coming with the keys to my house by next Wednesday around 10 am and you can meet up with them over there. I will be happy to pay you a deposit of $800 for your job as commitment so you can book my job in your week schedule. Also I would be grateful if I can have this favor from you because i have not paid the removalist bringing in my properties due to the fact that they did not have credit card facilities for payment and due to my present condition beyond my reasonable control it wont be convenient for me to pay via other method that is why i want you to assist me. I would like you to add an extra $2500 to your deposit amount so that you can have all the sum charged on my credit card and you will have the $2500 send to the to Removalist for them to be able to move properties to my new house. After meeting with them on the site you can do proper quotation of the job and you can go ahead with the plumbing. I so much wish to pay them directly but I am at the hospital right now and will undergo a surgery soon for my hearing disabilities and I will want everything in place in my new house before I am discharge because i will be leaving to my new house to have a good home rest and continue with my post surgery treatment. If you will agree to carry on with the job, i can email you my credit card details and also the Removals company details to make arrangement with them.I hope you understand me and would be happy if you can put matter into consideration and your assistance would be appreciated. I await your response Regards Robert .

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