Jackie Elliott – Comanche, Louisiana Louisiana


Meet Jackie Elliott…..this gem is an ex-girlfriend (short-lived relationship) of a genuine sweet man who is now my fiancÚ. They dated for approx 6 months before me and she worked full time to manipulate and take advantage of him. First of all….she is still married and has a husband in Florida by the name of Paul Elliott. She still wears her wedding rings and has every sob story and excuse as to why they are not divorced. She claims to be a victim. She was living in a filthy apartment with her daughter and granddaughter-legal name Scarlett Smith from Florida…..now known as Isabelle Elliott and Jackie passes her off as her kid. She lived in Ottumwa and “didn’t know what she would do because she was short on rent”. Rather than pay two sets of bills he opened his home to her and the two kids. She quickly began to show her true colors and he recognized this. She shipped her daughter and granddaughter to Florida over the summer and was absolutely fine when only the granddaughter returned and allowed her daughter to stay w her husband (remember she claimed to be the victim in this relationship-but is fine allowing her daughter to live w him) in Florida. Upon realizing who and what Jackie was truly made of he began to end the relationship and move her out of his home. He paid a deposit and rent and furnished an apartment for her. She attempted to continue to manipulate him for money and when he tried to cut her off she began to sabotage and attempt to black mail him and actually had him fired from his job. Upon her learning of my relationship with him she made every attempt and continues to try to wiggle herself back into his life. If he travels without me and she figures this out she will attempt to contact him….she continues to harass us and then when we finally have had enough and react she contacts the local police department and claims to be the victim. Her latest dig…when she discovered he proposed to me….was to plaster pictures of him and her all over her social media as she ‘thought it was funny’. Even the local police quickly learned what type of person she is and how she manipulates. At one point she contacted my boyfriend and said she was going to kill herself and asked him to ensure that ‘her daughter’ be returned to her husband Paul upon her death. We contacted local police for a welfare check and she was taken to the hospital for a psych evaluation. This tells you how emotionally unstable and bat-shit crazy she is. She strings several men along….one from Kansas City….several from Ottumwa….I assume to keep her resources open. Beware of her and her manipulative ways. She tries to hide this lifestyle with the ‘southern charm’ that she claims to have. The truth is….she is a married woman who is on the run and looking for a free ride from whomever she can manipulate to give in to her.

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