Jackie Mascarenas – Thornton, Colorado Colorado


So where do I start. Jackie Mascarenas is the trash who wrecked my friends home. My beautiful friend was married to her high school sweet heart. Had a great marriage. He has a degree in criminal justice and worked for a time as a probation officer. While there he met this chick in the picture. They became friends, she and her first baby daddy would go on double dates with them, but something about her made my girl uncomfortable. He was asked not talk to her anymore. He stopped. Then he lost his job and she assumed he cut all communications with skeletor. As a wife my dear friend supported him financially while he studied for exams for a local police department. He made it went through the academy became a cop and things were great. Or so she thought. She found out that he had been leading a double life her as his wife and Jackie as his side chick. Jackie wasn’t one of those women who didn’t know the man was married. She knew damn well he was married seeing in how they used to double date. This fool would bring her to their home while she was away. In her bed, with her family pictures on the wall. Not to mention he had asked that my friends mother move in with them. So this trash would come into the home my poor friend shared with her husband and her mother. She had no shame or respect. He’s not innocent either but this isn’t a page for cheating husbands. It all hit the fan when he tried to break it off with Jackie and work things out with his wife. She went crazy and told her everything. How long they had been sneaking around, sending pictures as evidence. It all came pouring out. My friend and her POS ex were married for 5 years according to this trash they had been sneaking around for 4. Rather than leave him my friend decided she would try to work it out with her husband not only because he begged her to stay but she did love him. It lasted maybe two more weeks and Jackie made my girls life a living hell. Texting her at odd hours of the night sending more pics, messaging him on different social media to get his attention. She had her friends request my girl on Instagram to try to spy. She would drive to their apartment and sit in her car for hours. This chick scared my friend to the point that she thought she would be murdered. So she left him and he went running back to the second best the trash. Two months after my friend left Jackie was pregnant. Keep in mind he was still legally married so she was pregnant by a married man. They now have a daughter and are engaged to be married and everyone thinks they are just the nicest people in the world who fell in love after his wife left him. They painted this beautiful picture of where their relationship started… but no one knows the truth. That she is a HOMEWRECKING piece of trash. She’s not as innocent or holy as she makes her self out to be. Now she’s the wife and now her side chick position has opened up. My friend is now the happiest she’s ever been with the most loving boyfriend and is way passed it, But someone needed to call this trash out so I did!!

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