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The verbal assault that I was subjected to and the making of a false statement by Sgt Weeks is a direct violation of the Police Code of Ethics… and warrants a full investigation into the incident and I request that Sgt Weeks be suspended from the Department. On February 16, 2015 at 250 pm I was in the left lane traveling south bound on Powers Avenue. Sgt Weeks was tailing very close behind me and was riding up and off the rear of my vehicle as a gesture to move to another lane. I did not move over and simply continued. The right lane a disabled driver was travelling at or near the same speed as I. At the intersection of Toledo and Powers Sgt Weeks flashed his lights and so I proceeded to move into the median located in the middle of the road. Sgt Weeks came to my vehicle yelling bias insults, prejudice remarks, and inappropriate assumptions about me and my vehicle. He stated .. “ how much leisure time do you have during a work day?” As if to insinuate that because I was wearing torn and tattered clothing, I do not work or I am poor and homeless and that I did not respond to his gesture to get out of his way since he was in a hurry to get somewhere. I stated it depends on the day! He began to state that he does not have time in his day to leisure. I also stated you do not know anything about me.. and I do not appreciate your comments. Sgt Weeks continued to verbally assault me by stating “ that my vehicle was banged up, dented” insinuating that I need to stop having so much leisure time and get a job and buy a new car. He then stated that why did I not move into another area off the side of the road..”that it was on the driving exam” as if to insinuate that I can not read or that I was stupid. I stated that yes I should have done that perhaps. He said that he was giving me a verbal warning and I said WOW.. at that point he then became enraged and asked for my license and registration. At that point, I immediately called for a Supervisor. An Officer Garcia showed up they spoke and Officer Garcia completed the citation… When I asked Officer Garcia about why he gave me the citation.. he indicated that Sgt Weeks had to be on shift. NEVER ONCE did Sgt Weeks mention anything about travelling too closely or any other offence! I was the first person in line.. so there is absolutely no way I could be travelling too closely to anyone! I was not speeding. I was simply in his way and he wanted me to move over. I was NOT following too closely to anyone! I could not understand why I was pulled over by the Officer, subjected to a barrage of verbal attacks and insults and, FALSELY cited for “driving too closely”. I was the front car and so there was no other car in front on me. Upon reviewing the initial Officers name and id number, I discovered that it was a retaliatory action by Sgt Weeks. Sgt Weeks was reprimanded for falsely arresting me in 2009. Which explains why I was pulled over for NO APARENT REASON and was verbally assaulted. As I mentioned earlier… Sgt Weeks was driving up and off the rear of my vehicle as a gesture for me to switch lanes. When I did not switch lanes, Sgt Weeks ran my tag and discovered who I was, and sought retaliatory actions. He fabricated that I was “driving too closely” since it would not require any physical evidence just merely his word against mine. Again, I was the front car, I was not speeding and so there is absolutely no way I could have been driving too close to anyone. Sgt Weeks out of sheer revenge has made a FALSE STATEMENT. Sgt Weeks is a corrupt Officer and is a detriment to the citizens of Jacksonville. Sgt Weeks’ continued misconduct places every citizen in danger. I demand that Sgt Weeks be suspended until a full investigation in his illegal actions be concluded. Officer Garcia suggested that I pull over to the other side of the road and wait for a Supervisor that I had called for. I did so and then immediately called 911 to inquire about simply going to the substation. The Officer on the phone said that would be fine and so I proceeded to the substation. As I drove into the substation, Sgt Weeks yelled out ..”I AM NOT ANGRY” in front of at least five other police officers. I did not say anything to him I simply parked my car. As I got out, several Officers stated that the substation was closed today. I told them that the Officer on the phone told me to come here.. they indicated that they must not have been aware that the office was closed. As I proceeded to my vehicle and call again, an Officer Ledger(I may not have the correct spelling of this name) approached me and asked if he could assist me. I told him that I would like to speak with a Supervisor and he said one moment. He returned to my vehicle and he stated that he has the “perfect person.. the Lieutenant”. As I got out of my vehicle he directed me to the gentleman walking toward the station was the Lieutenant. As I began to approach the sidewalk … the Lieutenant threw his arm out and stated.. “DO NOT APPROACH ME” I looked over at the Officer Ledger in astonishment and the Lieutentent stated … “ I heard you yelling” .. I stated that I said I was not yelling at anyone, I may talk loud but I was not yelling at anyone… he then stated “go to court, read the steps”. I have a loud voice, perhaps due to being a College Professor, but I did not yell at anyone. In fact, I was the one who was subjected to the verbal assault. I have submitted a FOIA Notice for the video, audio and written transcripts of the incident. I also stated in the notice that any evidence of the incident be it video, audio or written transcripts shall not be purged. And should any material evidence be so destroyed would constitute a criminal offence. I demand a full investigation into the actions of Sgt Weeks be conducted. You have the recorded conversation between Sgt Weeks and myself during the incident which shall serve as evidence that he verbally assaulted me without cause, he made inappropriate and prejudice remarks about me and my vehicle, and his inappropriate, bias and verbal assault that I was subjected too. You also have the video of my vehicle and you will see that there are NO cars ahead of me!! I was the front car!! Sgt Weeks misconduct poses a serious threat to the citizens of Jacksonville. .

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