Jacob Davis – Kankakee, Illinois Illinois


I’ve talked to this pile of shit a few times on the apps and met him a few weeks ago at a party with his boyfriend. After watching the 2 do lines of blow and pop pills they fucked right in front of everybody. Afterwards the boyfriend was pretending to fall asleep while Jacob got into a car and drove off drunk and high to a convenience store. While he was gone his boyfriend managed to fuck another dude in a bedroom and still managed to be back pretending to be asleep before Jacob got back. Jacob is one of the grossest people you will ever come across if you ever meet him in person you will right away see he is anorexic and the only thing he puts in his body is drugs (other than d***). He sends his nudes to everyone, sometimes for money, while pretending to be a good guy. He is a pig and has no class or standards but neither does his boyfriend seeing how he lies and cheats on him every chance he gets. Jacob will lie cheat and steal to get ***** and doesn’t give a shit who he endangers while he’s out driving around drunk and high. Heres to hoping he gets arrested before he hurts somebody…

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