Jacob Saavadra – Las Vegas, Nevada Nevada


Yeah he seems all nice especially to your lady. He don’t give a f**k if she got a ring on it or not. Always playing my d**k is bigger than yours. Jacob is the kind of guy to show your lady how a man should treat a lady and lower her into sleeping with him and dumps her right after. He will be nice to your face but try some sneaking moves on your lady. Showing her how to do things, buying her things, and makes you look like shit to get closer to your lady. He knows he is a man whore and don’t give two sh*ts how you think. He is up to try anything to get closer to her. He mainly try to go for his so called friends or friend-enemies. He quote has said “piss me off and I will f**k your bitch”. Watch out fellas he’s single and ready to WRECK YOUR HOME !

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