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Donít Give Sufficient Time

I have noticed that my advisor at Jacobi Capital Management doesnít give me enough time. Even though I have tried to share my complaint with my advisor, they donít seem to care about it. Their behaviour hasnít changed and has been very disappointing. When I first started working with Jacobi Capital Management, their service was quite impressive. However, that time is long gone and their current services have become horrible. Those people have stopped caring about their clients. 

Jacobi Capital Management has terrible financial advisors who donít care about their clients. Their client service has been very disappointing and due to that, I don’t recommend their services to anyone. Your money would be better spent on a firm that actually cares about its clients. 

The people at this firm are very manipulative. They make it seem as if they genuinely care about your financial health and success. Your advisor would behave very professionally and decently initially to impress you. However, when they get your account, they stop caring about you. They treat you like an unknown person they donít care about. Getting a meeting with my advisor at this firm is very painful. I donít like the process. Moreover, it seems to me that my advisor doesnít like to talk to me during meetings too. They try to avoid meeting me. Itís obvious from their behaviour.

To be honest, itís very insulting and irritating when you talk to a financial advisor that doesn’t care about you. I thought financial advisors were very sophisticated in client service, but thatís all a myth. These people charge you heavily only to treat you like a random person they met on the street. I have worked with several service providers before and I know the difference between good and bad service. They are clearly on the bad side of that spectrum. 

No one expects their financial advisor to be terrible at client service. These people care more about their portfolio than their clients. When my financial advisor doesnít give me sufficient time, discussing important financial topics becomes a nightmare as well. Working with them feels like a waste of my time now. 

The way their client service has degraded over time, I donít think anyone would benefit from working with them. If someone tells you great things about Jacobi Capital Management, they are probably talking about a long time ago. Now, these people have degraded into the worst possible service providers. You shouldnít trust any positive thing you hear about these people. 

Moreover, they are very manipulative so a person might not even know how terrible their experience has been so far. I made a terrible mistake by trusting othersí opinions on this matter. It would have been better if I had done some research of my own before giving my account to these people. 

I also believe that thereís a huge communication gap between the leadership and the advisors. Thatís because even though I have sent them emails detailing my complaints, I havenít gotten any responses from them. Itís very insulting when your financial advisory firm doesnít respond to a clientís complaints. 

It shows that the firm doesnít care about their clients at all. I never expected such insulting experience from Jacobi Capital Management. 

Jacobi Capital Management Review: Conclusion

I donít recommend the services of Jacobi Capital Management. They are very manipulative. These people give horrible client service to their clients and because of that I donít think they are worth the price. You can easily find plenty of other financial advisors in Pennsylvania who care about their client service, you donít have to pay these guys. 

As a client, I used to like their services a lot. But with time, their behaviour has changed a lot. I have noticed that my advisor doesnít like to have meetings, and spend time with me discussing my financial goals and plans. Itís obvious from their repulsive behaviour. 

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