Jacque Bonwell – Tulsa, Oklahoma Oklahoma


Jacque Bonwell is a hoot and a holler, but sadly goes after married men. Yes it’s true. It’s a relationship with a man who has 3 kids. Honey you think your friends don’t know. A few of us do. You said it was wrong, honey I got news for you it is, his wife acts obvious. That’s the sad thing. Praise God she’s a Christian I would not deal the way she does. Because I know this I can’t go around you with out wondering if my man is next. Why? On top of that hun, what are you teaching Austin? He’s the love of you life we all know. What will he say if he finds out? What is he going to to the same thing to his sweet girlfriend? I feel like I don’t know who you are, is it all a lie? Oh if your wondering who, honey remember who you talked to.

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