Jacquelyn Samperi – Houston, Texas Texas


Over 5 years with my fiance, then we meet Jacqueline. It’s extremely hard to talk about so I must make this brief. She and I were fast friends. Little did I know, since that first night, she began wedging a plow between me and my partner. She tried to woo us both away from each other stating she was a ‘lesbian’ and wanted a better life for me…then going to him with the opposite story. One week after she came into my life, he left me. I went to her apartment for comfort only to see him knock on her door that very evening. She continued to lie to us both-about each other even after the initial split. My relationship might’ve failed on it’s own in time, but what I lived through after Jacqueline came into my life broke me as a human being. Additionally, she had disclosed a history of doing something similar to other couples (both married and dating). She explained how changed she was and how ‘awful’ she use to be at relationships…little did I know…she would be the catalyst for the crumbling of my life. To this day, she plays the victim. To this day, she plays games with people’s lives and uses ignorance as her excuse. If you ever run into this girl, watch your step. She will charm, she will court, and she will burn you in due time.

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