Jacquida Wainwright – Brooklyn, New York New York


I’m a firm believer that when your spouse cheats, then he’s the one that should pay and the heat shouldn’t really be on the other woman if she doesn’t know he is married or in a relationship. However, if she does know and tries to make your life hell, then she deserves everything that comes her way. This homewrecker thought it was funny when she took a liking to my husband after meeting him online while she used a picture of a more attractive female to get his attention. They spoke through text but never met in person. I guess from flirting on and off she thought they had a relationship or something… I’m not sure but my husband stop communicating with her simply because he really wasn’t looking to take anything beyond just chatting. She however got upset when she found out about me through his Instagram and decided that not only was she going to message me, but try to convince me that he was sleeping with her and that she had videos to prove it. After much back and forth between her and I and her and my husband and him trying to figure out who the hell this woman was, I then realized from text messages she sent between him and her that she was catfishing him and that’s how I knew she was lying about sleeping with him. When she realized we were on to her lies, she blocked us thinking that would be the end of it. She spent a whole day tormenting me and laughing she claimed with her friends. Called me names because I was dismissive to her claims as if I had done something to her. My husband had no right flirting or conversing with her in the first place, but she definitely crossed a line when she decided she wanted to wreck my home. Beware of her! Not only is she delusional she is a heartless Homewrecker.

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