Jael Feliz-Brooks – Bronx, New York New York


Jael is a registered nurse at Montefiore hospital where she worked with my husband. She was also married and when I was pregnant with my first child they decided to have an affair. She didnít care about me been pregnant and use to do everything on her power to try to keep him. She left her husband, She even paid a trip to Punta Cana for my husband to go with her family to who she introduced him as her boyfriend. Yes a married man with a new born. I don’t justify my husband… He was also wrong but once he decided to end the affair she contacted me to tell me about their relationship! He asked me for another opportunity while he told her to stop contacting him. we decided to work thinks out together. She never stopped calling him and contacting me over the phone. We moved to a different country to start all over again. Now Iím pregnant with my second child but she stills contacting me on social media trying to make me get mad when they are no longer involved. She tells me that he doesnít love me and that he will cheat on me forever. Shes pure evil, and the worst kind of human being. she has played a key role in emotionally hurting my child beyond anything a young child should have to go through. I just want her to leave us alone and let me at least enjoy this pregnancy…

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