Jaimie Bingham – Le Grande, Oregon Oregon


Me and my husband were in a bad place in our marriage and he reached out to her! (I know his bad) well before they got “together” Jaimie Bingham took out her birth control in an attempt to trap him! Well low and behold she got pregnant! However while she was seducing my husband she was also with another man who was engaged! The fiancé told us what was going on and that the baby may not be my husbands! Well she dated the engaged man for 11 months until it was determined that the baby was my husbands, he then left her! So apparently she didn’t know who the daddy was and had told him it was his! She had had 4 previous abortions and one kid with a guy she doesn’t even know!!! Now she is soaking us for $900 a month and we can’t even support our own two kids.

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