Jairo Florrd – Waukegan, Illanois Illinois


Please give a round of applause to Jairo Flores and Karla Carlos, see Jairo is a manipulative liar. He cheated on his wife Karla for years and he got caught up and now wants to act like the victim… Homewrecker is your be loved husband if he never went out acting like a single man knowing he has a wife and kids at home then nothing would of ever happened. The thing is Karla is so blind and believes everthing he says when in reality he is the opposite of what he shows her LOL but then again how would other knows whats going on at home… Karla is mad at HER when it’s his fault well she just knows about ONE only. Now they both want to act like they are a perfcet family when he’s still doing the same shit… how can someone that claims to love you talk GABAGE about his significant other about how you are an UGLY, LAZY, NO GOALS, NOTHING, how lazy you were to clean up after your kid, how you didn’t meet his standers and he wants a perfect wife when he isn’t even a faithful hubby. Let’s not forget how he expressed about you being wild and going to bars and how he only stayed cause you ended up pregnant. That is what he would always say at work and believe it or not I got people that can back up these facts… Karla keep trying to convience others your marriage is perfcet because Jairo clearly doesn’t change youre number but HE still CALLS so who really disrespected you JARIO. Please watch out with this loser and the clown of a wife that will blame others except the main one :))))

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