James Connolly Attorney Gives Bad Advice & Is A Liar – Represents AMX Naples Florida Review


James Connolly works for AMX and has in my opinion completely misdirected their employer and cost them tons of negative publicity by not taking care of a major rift between AMX and me. James also lied to me about how the company has met its obligations by completing the programming which is completely untrue. Furthermore, he hired outside counsel after he couldn’t make it work and authorized the outside counsel to issue a letter to me to have potentially criminal charges filed against me if I went public with my experience with AMX. What a ridiculous argument. All that did was provoke me to go public more. I have spent over 300,000 with an AMX integrator and the system didn’t get implemented correctly. This all because AMX required me to use this integrator. James Connolly didn’t want this experience to go public, well too bad. Now he won’t even respond to me, what a crook. His company forces me to buy from an integrator, once they get paid, they don’t complete the work and stop responding to me! Be very careful when deal with James Connolly, my experience is he can’t be trusted and would rather go silent when customers call his company out on it. This guy is completely full of it. I would never hire this guy to be my attorney – he is doing a completely disservice to AMX / Harman.

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