James McCluskey Review


James McCluskey sells vanity toll free numbers (800,888,877). In March 2013 our company purchased a Vanity 888 number from him and paid $4,500 for the number. After 15 months of excuses, Jim McCluskey still has not delivered the Vanity phone to us so we could use it for our business. After reseching this vanity number that Jim McClusky sold us, it was discovered that he never owned or had control of the phone number. He is simply stealing money from businesses or individuals by accepting paymnet and never delivering what was paid for. Jim McCluskey has made multiple excuses to drag this process out for over a year, promised repayment, promised other alternative numbers but has never delivered on anything but more excuses. I spoke with other companies and individuals within this industry and reportedly, Jim McCluskey owes others for simliar fraudulant activities. He has listed multiple contact numbers and they are below. 203-405-6590 203-775-5888 203-775-5545.

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