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Complaint: I tried it thinking that it was going to be free advice. It was not that, they actually answered with a Canadian Attorney LL.C for a Texas problem, then they stated below. Now why would I hire a NativeAmericanattorney when I do not live on a reservation and I live in Texsa. Shouldn’t a consumer lawyer in Texas be the one to hire. I used a prepaid credit card. I have heard they will keep billing you, so I always buy a greendot so that doesn’t happen. Not worth it. Dear Nick, Yes, I think she should only just pay off what she is supposed to pay off as you say. As well, she may want to hire a lawyer in Texas that specializes in Native American affairs, finance and fraud. Here is how she can find one: www.nativeamericanbar.org/ All the best. Kindest regards, Donna Kakonge, LLB

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