Jamie Alvarez Modesto, California California


My husband and I have been married for 9 years and have 4 young children together ages 8,6,5,4. I thought we had a pretty good marriage, but obviously I thought wrong. One night he gets drunk and passes out. As I was cleaning up the empty beer bottles and picking up the house, I noticed his cell phone on the table, the battery was dead so I put it on the charger and continued cleaning. Then all these text messages started to come through. It was saying things like….please call me….where have you been all day?….I can’t sleep unless I hear the sound of your voice….please my love, call me, and for one second I actually thought this person had the wrong number, because my husband would not do this to me. So I simply replied with a Hi, and right away she texted back asking where have you been all day, why haven’t you called, I miss you and blah blah blah. So I said, Iím sorry I’ve been drinking with my brother in law all day and I’m a little bit drunk. I told her I miss her too and if she could send me a picture (and she did)! Then I sent her a picture of my husband to make sure it wasn’t a mistake and her response was, I love how sexy you look in sunglasses you’re making me wet (yuk). || So after I confirmed it was him and she didn’t have the wrong number and I told her I missed her too and if I could have her address, Iím going to come see her and her response was, but my love you already know where I live and I said yes, but Iím a little bit drunk right now and I need it for my navigation system. The dumb broad sent me her home address! In the meantime I forward her pic to my best friend and told her to just save it for me.† She texts back why did you send me a pic of Jamie Alvarez? I was like, omg you know her? And she said yes, she’s the secretary at the Middle School (Now she’s the secretary for the main office). But anyways she kept calling instead of texting so I told her I was sorry I couldn’t answer the phone because my wife was home. I was expecting her to tell me off, telling me she didn’t know he was married! But instead she says well can’t you go into the bathroom, go outside, or go sit in your truck for a little bit please, I just need to hear your voice before I go to bed, even if itís just for a second. (I know, how pathetic). She wouldn’t stop calling so I just turned the phone off and tried to process what just happened. The next morning I confronted my husband. Told me the girl was crazy and wouldn’t leave him alone. Apparently she is his friend Juan Carlos’s sister in law and that’s how they met. He told me she was a sad and desperate person and was just trying to be a friend to her but she won’t leave him alone. So I gave her a call and we spoke for about an hour. She assured me NOTHING was going on, they were just friends and she does have a crush on him but he’s never done anything wrong or inappropriate, and that the kind of relationship she wants with him is all in her head. She apologized, told me she has been cheated on too and knows how it feels like and promised to never call him again. And by the desperate way she was texting him the night before, I believed them! So I let it go. || A week passes by and I go to use my husbandís truck to go somewhere (he was in the shower) and there it was, a second cell phone! It had over 200+ text messages between the both of them revealing their true relationship!† But the one that pissed me off the most was not all the dirty talk, or the lovey dovey talk, it was him THANKING her for lying and covering for him! What a WHOREBAG! I came home, by then he must have realized I knew everything because he was just sitting on the couch waiting for me. I calmly walked right up to him, spat in his face and punched him a few times, until he was able to grab me. We fought; he cried, apologized, even got down on his knees and begged me to forgive him. I called her and told her off for being so stupid to lie for a man and for being a whore! My husband said if I just gave him one more chance he would not have anything to do with her again but I was so mad I just left. || I guess after all that happened, she still tried calling him, even had her friend Lupe try to contact him. She called him constantly and for once he kept his word and didn’t answer or respond to her or her friends calls, so that’s when she messaged me through FB and wanted to tell me her side of the story. We agreed to meet at the La Morenitas the next day when she got off work. While there she was so nervous she was shaking, but I assured her I’m not a violent person. I’m just a wife who wants to know the truth. (Because up to this point my husband is still claiming it was just a phone relationship). So she starts off by telling me how my Cesar broke her heart, he won’t return any of her phone calls, and she can’t sleep or eat because of the stress this has caused her (yes, like she was the victim). I wanted to hear more so I just smiled and agreed with everything she was saying. She told me how their relationship started in May, how he was so kind to her 4 kids and that’s what made her love him even more. How he took her places and bought her gifts. She said she was sorry for lying to me but that he begged her to and she really thought she was going to have a future with him so she did (I donít know where she thought me and my kids were going to be while she rides off into the sunset with him) but now she can see how he lied to her too. (Well duh). She went on about how heartbroken she was, she still loves him, she couldn’t help it, and thought he loved her too. Everything was about her, like she was trying to justify what she did so she can somehow feel better about herself. She said she just wanted closure from him, so we go to my house. He sees the both of us and takes off running while she’s screaming she still loves him and will always be there for him (I know….I know…pathetic) But finally I had enough and told her to stay away from my husband and my family. || I ended up leaving him, moved back in with my parents for 4 months, this way if he wanted her or anybody else for that matter, the door was open. He spent that 4 months trying to better himself and get me back and for my kids I took him back. Itís been about a year now and I do honesty believe he has learned his lesson. We still have our normal marital issues but he knows better than to do anything like that again. And now Iím more aware of what’s going on around me….so we live….we learn…we better ourselves…and we do our best to move on!

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