Jamie Lee – Winston-Salem, North Carolina North Carolina


So, I cannot put all the blame on Ms.Jamie Lee but I place a lot of it. She was sleeping with my fiance while I was in another state waiting to give birth to our son. After his birth he had to stay in the nicu for over a month, so while I was there everyday with my baby, she was running around with my man. Now they are both triffling , yes but once you knewb about the situation you carried on a relationship with him… Not only were y’all sleeping together but y’all were not safe about it…I know y’all were screwing in your office at work (Protege staffing solutions) and god only knows where else… You definitely had a hand in wrecking my home and my world..its just funny how y’all were telling each other that you loved each other and two days after I confronted you, you had posted up on your Facebook page that you had just gotten engaged… Maybe this was to throw me off but regardless you are definitely a cougar and use your positions in your work affiliations to find younger men to sleep with… I hope your happy and I hope for your sake our patches don’t cross….

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