Jamie Ortiz – New Port Richey, Florida Florida


Jamie Ortiz has always had the reputation of being easy, but she most recently (with in the last few years) has taken her moraless, corrupt ways to a new level. At first impression, Jamie comes off as a poor single mother who is trying her hardest to support her and her son… the youngest… one not the other 5 she wrote off. She goes from man to man with the ultimate goal of ruining peoples lives. I have sat from afar and watched her break up families, marriages, and put her own child in harms way while doing so. Hope you have something that will benefit her gentleman! If not… Let the games begin! She will lie, steal and cheat her way to getting what she wants from you. She will call your significant other… Show up at your place of employment and even attempt to poison your pets until she gets what she wants. Meth, nitrous oxide and money will subdue her for a limited time. Don’t ruin your lives, relationships and families. Watch out for this one… Shes a REAL peach!

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