Jamie Price – Racine, Wisconsin Wisconsin


Jamie & I grew up together so we were childhood friends. Years later, she ended up moving next door to us & a month after she moved in, she began an online affair with my boyfriend of 14 years. They would meet up different places and talk all the time. Once I found out about it, we broke up & he moved in next door with her a month later…then she would go through my garbage & spread on my back porch. She bought a surveillance camera to watch me leave my home all the time. She was literally stalking me. After talking to her ex husband, she’s been a homewrecker since their marriage. She was sleeping with 2 different men that was in & out of jail. She was also sleeping with their neighbor during their marriage. He also told me she got an std that she can’t get rid of from someone else during their marriage and led to their divorce. She tried everything she could to get my boyfriend to stop talking to me even though we have kids together, he wouldn’t & he would complain how terrible she was in bed & she didn’t know how to have sex & that she needed vaginal creams to make her vagina tight because it was too loose from sleeping with too many men. His biggest issue with her was she couldn’t make him cum. After that, he said he was done & was using her only for money & a place to live. He begged to come back home because he found out she was such a horrible person. All she ever did was smoke weed. Her weed habit is so bad, she couldn’t afford her apartment & had to move back in with her mom at age 33. So if your boyfriend is black with a nice car, some money, & a criminal record….keep him away from her.

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