Jamie Welty – Ramona, California California


BEWARE of Jaime Anne Welty aka Jaime Anne Snelling!! She has 5 children by 4 different men. ALL of her children have been taken away by CPS. If she likes you she will get pregnant to trap you and to continue to get government assistance. She not only will try to take all your money but, she will ruin every relationship you ever had! She will try to kill herself if you break up with her and she is an ex cocaine user. She also loves to get temporary restraining orders on people, people she’s never even met before but she does it just to fuck with people…. apparently you can get a TRO on anyone with no proof of harassment! She lies and says people harass her and that men beat her… LIES to do NOT believe anything! She has burned ever relationship she has ever had; her own mother doesn’t even speak to her. Oh and she doesn’t speak to her children that live 20 miles from her…essentially she is the true definition of WHITE TRASH. If CPS reports were public record I would have attached also just to prove im not bull shitting you people but nope ? Why anyone would want to be with this is craziness but if you are into that gross shit BEWARE!!

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