Jan Lawter Cash – Chesnee, South Carolina North Carolina


This woman Jan Lawter Cash will pretend to be your friend all while conniving to play her adulterous games. She will stab you in the back and sneak around town to have sex with your husband in any and every convenient place… behind restaurants, in public parks, and motel parking lots because she’s just that nasty. She is married and has no remorse for hurting anyone. Her sister will cover for her at all times. She is sneaky and will deny any and all wrongdoing even with photographic evidence in her face. She believes she is untouchable. This thing is not your friend. Her sister is not your friend. They are evil and sneaky. She doesn’t care about anyone but herself and what makes her feel good. Even after being caught she continued to contact my husband. She will stop at nothing. She offers her phone and email access in order to facilitate her cheating and creeping. Obviously this wasn’t her first time and I highly doubt it will be her last. Her 24 year marriage is a farce.

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